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Classic Elegance Living Room Coming soon

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Unveil the ‘Classic Elegance Living Room’: a realm where timeless design meets everyday comfort. Designed for those who appreciate enduring style and sophistication.

Enter the Classic Elegance Living Room, a space where tradition and tranquility coalesce to create a perfect backdrop for the refined lifestyle. Inspired by the charm of classic interiors, this room caters to those who find beauty in rich textures and cohesive, soothing color palettes. It’s a living area for the connoisseur of comfort, where each piece and palette choice resonates with a sense of history and permanence.

Imagine a setting that feels lifted from a storied estate, yet is profoundly suited for modern life. This room is for the individual who loves to host gatherings in a graceful manner or unwind in the comfort of a well-appointed space. Here, elegance does not just reside in the visible touches but in the very air, imbued with a sense of peace and order.”

What’s Included in the Classic Elegance Living Room Package:

  • Detailed Mood Board: A curated visual guide that encapsulates the aesthetic essence of the room, guiding your decor choices with color palettes, textures, and furniture styles.
  • Shoppable Product List: A comprehensive list of all furnishings and decor, each item handpicked for its quality and style, with direct links to purchase, simplifying the shopping process.
  • Generic 2D Floor Plan: Provides a suggested layout to optimize the spatial dynamics and functionality of your room, ensuring that each piece fits perfectly within the space.
  • 3D Renders: High-resolution images to visualize the final look of your living room, helping you see the arrangement and aesthetic in a lifelike format before making any changes.
  • 3D Video Tour and Panoramic View: Interactive tools available through our app that allow you to walk through the virtual space and experience the room from multiple angles, enhancing your understanding and connection to the design.
  • Detailed Installation Guide: Step-by-step instructions to help you set up your new living space with ease, ensuring you can replicate the designer look without any professional help.
  • Customization Options: Offers the ability to modify certain elements post-purchase to ensure the room fits your individual needs and preferences, whether it’s adjusting color schemes or swapping out furniture items.
  • Budget Flexibility: The design is intended to be implemented flexibly, with a total estimated cost ranging from $17,000 to $20,000. You can purchase and set up the room at your own pace, allowing for financial planning and gradual implementation.


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