Create A Peaceful And Budget-Friendly Baby Nursery With These Brilliant Ideas

If you are in the process of setting up a nursery to wholeheartedly welcome the new bundle of joy in the house, we have a lot of great tips and tricks up our sleeves to make your work easy.

Designing a nursery can be quite exciting (and emotional!). While we urge you to find little moments of peace and joy along this journey, we are also happy to take the budgeting stress away and help you create a beautiful space for the baby without getting overwhelmed.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to put together a heartwarming and beautiful nursery. Follow our budget-friendly tips along with a dollop full of creativity to get started!

Convertible Crib that Grows with Your Baby

You might think that the first thing on our list costs more than a normal crib. In reality, you will be thankful for it in the long run as it transforms and grows with your baby so that you don’t have to spend extra for a toddler-friendly bed or a full-size bed in a few years. Convertible cribs are a gem that only demands a small initial investment before they transform incredibly to accommodate your child.

Furthermore, you can buy the initial crib and add affordable pieces and accessories to convert it when needed at a minimal cost. It’s really a budget-savvy investment and let’s face it, it has the cool transformers vibe to it.

Who Needs a Changing Table?

A lot of nursery items are only required for a few months and it’s better to skip them altogether to save space and money. One of them is the changing table. They don’t come cheap and their usefulness is quickly outgrown.

A washable mat is a much better option for changing stations on the go. You can also find super convenient crib-top changing tables or foldable changing tables. Another great idea is to temporarily convert the dresser into a changing station. As it already comes equipped with drawers, you can simply organize it for storing diapers and other necessities. Once the baby is potty-trained, out goes the diapers, and in goes the Sephora kit!

Invest In Fabric Instead of Furniture Pieces

Whether it’s a sleek and modern armchair or a neglected stool in a dark corner of the house, furniture pieces can be re-purposed to mix and match with the nursery’s layout. All you need is a fresh coat of paint or a soft, kid-friendly fabric to cover up the uglies and bring out the ‘aww’ factor.

When it comes to re-purposing, anything and everything goes. That huge and heavy mirror gathering dust behind your cupboards? Make it Harry Potter’s Mirror of Erised or Alice in Wonderland’s Looking Glass with whimsical stickers and psychedelic colours. Let your imagination take over, we promise you will have a blast!

Bring Out Your Freida Kahlo

It’s time to paint and show your artsy and crafty side. Nobody can know better than you how to design a safe and comfortable space for your baby in the best possible way.

Instead of investing in store-bought décor and fancy items, add warmth to the nursery with your own creative touches. Indulge in DIY projects to help with your own anxiety and weave, sew, paint, create, knit, and draw!

A Space that Keeps Evolving

They’ll be a baby on the first day, a toddler on the next, and off to college by the end of the week – yes, it all happens in the blink of an eye. Savour every moment with your little bundle of joy, and create a space that’s functional and minimal.

Don’t clutter it with unnecessary items that the baby won’t even notice and a toddler won’t need. Invest in furniture pieces that are convertible and can transform to accommodate your growing child. Use their personality and imagination to shape the space once it is theirs, and don’t forget to capture your favourite moments along the way.

We’ll be sharing a lot more ideas and tips with you. From a baby’s nursery to kids’ playrooms and study, we are right here every step of the way to carry you through motherhood with a loving home that transforms with your family.

Mondän & Co Interiors is dedicated to bringing families together in beautifully designed homes within your budget and capacity. Let’s talk about ideas and dreams for your perfect sanctuary with a free consultation with our design experts.


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