"I believe that




Origin of Our Belief

This conviction stems from personal experience. Growing up in a family of fashion designers, creativity and style surrounded me. However, my true calling crystallized after confronting personal challenges—years of struggling with infertility. Criticisms implying my home was only well-curated because I had no children ignited my resolve to prove that beautiful, functional homes are within reach for everyone, including busy families.

Our Foundation

At Mondän & Co., we blend passion for design with the lessons learned from personal trials. Despite a creative upbringing, the deeper purpose of my mission emerged through overcoming infertility. The insensitive comments about my home spurred me to debunk the myth that stylish, functional homes are unattainable for those with children or busy family lives.

Changing the Design Landscape

For too long, beautiful design has felt out of reach for many families, clouded by endless choices, overwhelming decisions, and hefty price tags. At Mondän & Co., we are committed to changing that narrative. We strive to make exceptional design accessible to everyone, regardless of budget or life stage, offering personalized guidance and simplifying the design process with expert advice and tailored plans that reflect your individual story and needs.

Small Changes, Significant Impact

We believe in the power of transformation without the need for complete overhauls. You don’t need a celebrity-sized budget to achieve your dream home—often, it’s the small, thoughtful interventions that have the most significant impact. Whether you’re updating a rented space, revamping your family home, or setting up your first apartment, we’re here to assist in creating a space that is distinctly yours.

Our New Initiative

As part of our mission to make beautiful design universally accessible, we're excited to introduce our new collection of pre-designed rooms. These expertly curated spaces are affordable, easy to implement, and tailored to fit your unique lifestyle and needs.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

Your dream home doesn’t have to remain a Pinterest fantasy. It starts with small, meaningful changes that make a big difference. Join our waitlist to be the first to discover how our new pre-designed rooms can revolutionize the way you think about home design.

A beautiful home

Isn’t a luxury;

It’s a fundamental right.

It’s the backdrop to life’s

most precious moments -

Playtime giggles,

Warm family dinners,

quiet reflections.

This is where

We truly feel ourselves

Where we Recharge

And Connect.

Redesigned to fit our lives

We found the process very exciting; we felt listened to and our expectations more than exceeded!

Mr & Mrs Mcfarlan


I'm usually tough to impress, but Jan completely wowed me! After just one chat about what I wanted, she transformed my living and dining room beyond my expectations.

Stephan L

Stunning and Play-Perfect Home

I wasn't sure about hiring an interior designer for our new home, but Jan was a game-changer. She transformed our living room into a stunning yet playful space that my three boys and I absolutely love!

Joyce A.
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