A Fresh Way to Design Your Space

Welcome to the transformative world of virtual interior design! Imagine redefining your home with the expertise of a professional designer, all from the comfort of your couch. Our e-design service is not just about designing for you; it’s about designing with you. Together, we’ll navigate through a seamless, engaging process that turns your house into a personalized dream home. Curious about how it all comes together? Let’s walk through our straightforward five-step process and start this exciting journey!


Kick off your shoes, snuggle into your comfy couch, and let’s have a digital heart-to-heart. Think of this as a cozy coffee chat, where your dreams and wishes take centre- stage!

The Grand Wishlist

A space that echoes your heartbeat, a sanctuary that mirrors your spirit. We jot down every wish, every desire. Because in the world of Mondän, every little detail matters!

Fun Questionnaire!

No starchy, stiff forms here, promise! It’s like a leisurely chat, but on paper. We unveil those hidden aspirations and cherished desires to sprinkle them into your design.

Vision Board Extravaganza

Here’s where you become the artist! Gather those beautiful ideas, sprinkle in those cherished wishes, and watch your vision board turn into a canvas of desires and dreams.

I am hooked!

I gave Mondän a shot and was surprised at the transformation! Thank you so much!

Renee Billing

We love our new home!

Jan did such a wonderful job of incorporating our ideas as well as applying her eye for detail to create an amazing outcome.

Bebe & Kinle Dada

My place is so cool and cosy!

Now my apartment really feels like home to me, especially executing the designs was so gratifying.


Design Unveiling

A drumroll moment! We unveil a design concept, meticulously crafted, harmoniously blending your visions and our creativity. Every corner, every nook, echoing your spirit!

Virtual Walkthrough

Step into the future, no time machines needed! A virtual tour that isn’t just a visual treat, but a soulful journey into your transformed space.

Your Voice, Your Vision

We’re all ears, and your thoughts are the melody. Share your reflections, and watch us weave every insight into the final masterpiece.

The Masterpiece Unveiled

Here’s where magic meets reality. Every piece, every hue, a harmonious blend of your dreams and our artistry, ready to turn your space into a sanctuary.

Your Curated Shopping List

You get a shopping list of every item handpicked in your design. Each piece, a step closer to turning your home into a haven of beauty and warmth.

Step-By-Step Guide

No guesswork, no maze, just a clear, simple guide on how to implement your design. Every step detailed, turning the transformation into a dance of joy.

Journey Beside You

Questions, musings, or a sprinkle of insights – I’m here, ready to walk this journey beside you. Every step, every corner is a celebration of your story.

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