How To Turn My House Into My Dream Home

Perhaps you’ve just bought your dream home, or at least the one that’s going to get you closer to your dream home? Maybe you’re making plans to refurbish or are even busy renovating right now? Either way, change is exciting, but sometimes comes with some frustrations! And that’s where Mondän, the best online interior designers come in!

We are filled to the brim with tips to help you declutter your house with ingenious solutions for clutter in children’s bedrooms plus storage ideas for small homes.As well as gazillions of interior design ideas and home organisation skills to share.

So, let’s see if we can help you right off the bat with some great ideas to turn your house into your dream home! When we work with our Clients, we always start by asking why you’re making changes to your home. Are you running out of space to store everything? Is your family growing? Or are you simply tired of the way it looks or feels? Once we’re sure we know exactly what you need, we’ll get to work on a design that’s unique to you. But there are some tricks of the trade that are helpful for most people and we hope they’ll help you too!

One of the best ways to start creating a beautiful space is by stripping it right back in your mind. Are there any features in the room that you like, for example an old fireplace or beautiful wooden floors? If so, highlighting those should be a priority. Conversely, is there anything you don’t like? There are many clever tricks to draw the eye away from the undesirable so you can focus on the good stuff. Perhaps you’ve got a blank canvas to work with? Awesome, let’s look a few styling tips that will turn your house into your dream home!

Start with a simple plan. Figure out where your existing furniture is best placed to allow movement around the room. For example, in your living room, you’ll want to decide where the larger pieces of furniture, i.e. sofas, go first. Even in a large room, you’ll want any seating to be spaced close enough to allow people to sit and chat comfortably. A rule of thumb is to have them within 8 feet of each other.

The next thing to consider is lighting. How about your window treatments? Are they making the most of the natural light? Do you have good overhead lighting interspersed with low lighting, i.e. table lamps and floor lamps? Adding light to dark corners will create a beautiful ambiance of warmth and comfort.

For many of us, the biggest hurdle we face is storage. And yet, choosing the right storage solutions for a space can really add to the character of the room. Depending on your style, you can find beautiful antique furniture that will hide away a multitude. Or there are ways to showcase your belongings so they become part of your design. After all, it’s those details that make a house a home.

And now the fun bit starts where we can inject some personality into the room using accessories such as artwork, rugs, mirrors, plants and textural components such as pillows, throws, baskets etc. For example, you can keep a neutral palate in your paintwork throughout and use cushions, artwork and patterned rugs to bring pops of colour and individuality to your home.

If this all sounds great in theory, but a little overwhelming in practice, then remember Mondän is here to help! Even if you just need some clarification on your plans, we can help you figure out those details. We’re not known as the best online interior designers for nothing! And we can’t wait to help you design your dream home!


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