Set A Statement With These Fabulous Colour Themes

“Change is my favourite colour.”

With changing colours of the season, your house deserves a refreshing new colour theme too!

The coming year in the world of home interiors is expected to be filled with eccentric surprises, twists and turns, and movements that leave room for innovation and transformation. As the world is evolving with more people working from home, virtual reality taking over, and metaverse taking the technological advancements by storm, it’s more important than ever to focus on the colours around you as most of us spend a huge chunk of time at home.

Whether it’s a work-from-home space or a homemaker’s wonderland for the family, these colour themes fit all needs perfectly.

Let’s have a look at all the latest colour trends and themes to transform your living space and give it a brand new look.


Trending Colour Theme by Pantone– Digital Lavender

While not confirmed, it is anticipated that a mesmeric Digital Lavender is going to be THE COLOR of 2023. We know that 2022 played with shades of the cheerful and uplifting Very Peri – a gorgeous periwinkle blue. Digital Lavender seems to run closely in terms of shade and warmth, making it perfect for a little sprucing up from Very Peri’s joyous colour theme.

Digital Lavender is set to push boundaries and act as a merging element between the physical and digital world, and make waves in both the interior and fashion world. Furthermore, the calming and soft, neutral hue easilyfits in most home interiors.

Not the colour for you?

Worry not! There’s a lot more trending for the coming year.


Trending Colour Theme by Nordroom – Warm Yellow

The Nordroom has introduced warm yellow as a trending interior design colour to set an intimate, homely, and cozy theme for your house. Warm yellow tones impart a soothing earthy tone and give the space a charming historic feel. It is quite versatile as well, as it can be used both as a dominant and accent shade.


Trending Colour Theme by PPG and Glidden Paint – Vining Ivy

An enchanting earthy teal merged with the hue of refined green and bold blue makes this wonderful jewel-toned colour a true beauty. Vining Ivy is a trending colour theme that instantly imparts a calming effect to your living space with balance and serenity.

These leading colour themes are truly beautiful and fit in perfectly in the home interior world as both dominant and accent colour tones. Here are a few other colour trends that are expected to be introduced in the coming months.

  • Wild Wonder – a dreamy natural yellow that brings you close to the great outdoors with its warm and sunny hues.
  • Redent Point – a warmblush beige to upgrade your living space without going too overboard with it. Playing with a balance between cool and warm tones, it imparts a lovely and calming ambiance to the house.
  • Serenity – a warm and welcoming mix of milky pastels, serenity is a colour theme that makes one feel right at home with peace andtranquillity.
  • Terra Rosa – unleashing femineity and daintiness with a gorgeous blend of burgundy and brown, Terra Rosa by Dunn-Edwards is a perfect colour theme to give your home a complete makeover.

The top names from the world of home interiors bring forth their predictions and preferences for leading colour trends for the coming year. If you feel overwhelmed and confused, worry not, our services are here to get you through the year with all the design secrets and the perfect colour themes to suit your living space and personality.


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