Embracing The Beautiful Mess: How I Keep My Home Gorgeous With Kids Around…

Ever find yourself wistfully scrolling through Pinterest, dreaming of a home that’s both chic and kid-friendly? You’re not alone. As a mom and an interior designer, I’ve faced the same dilemma. But over the years, I’ve gathered some hacks that help me keep our home feeling stylish and cozy, even with the whirlwind of family life.


Embrace Imperfection: Let’s face it, a home with kids will never be picture-perfect all the time, and that’s okay! It’s the laughter, the memories, and the love that truly make a house a home. I’ve learned to love the little fingerprints on the windows because they remind me of the fun my kids have playing.

Declutter Regularly: It’s amazing how quickly stuff accumulates, especially with kids. Regular decluttering sessions can work wonders. I like to involve the whole family and make it a fun activity. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to donate items we no longer need. Every few months, we have a family decluttering day where everyone picks out toys and clothes they no longer use to donate.

A Place for Everything: This is key. When everything has a designated spot, it’s easier for everyone, especially the kids, to keep things tidy. It’s about creating a system that everyone can follow, making it easier to maintain that beautiful, organized space. I’ve labeled shelves and bins in my kids’ rooms so they know exactly where to put their toys and books.

Strategic Storage Solutions: Baskets are my secret weapon. They’re great for quickly tidying up toys, books, and all the little things that seem to magically appear on the floor. Plus, they add a touch of style to any room. I have a large basket in the living room where we toss all the toys at the end of the day. It keeps the room looking neat and is easy to pull out when playtime starts again.

Create Kid-Friendly Spaces: Having designated areas where the kids can play and be creative helps contain the mess and keeps the rest of the house more organized. It’s all about finding a balance between function and aesthetics. We’ve set up a play corner in the living room with a rug and storage bins for toys, so the kids have their own space without taking over the entire room.

Daily Tidy-Up Routine: Spending just 10-15 minutes each day tidying up can make a huge difference. It’s about maintaining the beauty of your home without it becoming overwhelming. Every evening, we do a quick family tidy-up where everyone picks up any items that are out of place. It’s a great way to keep the house in order and teach the kids responsibility.

Use Washable Fabrics: Opt for fabrics that are easy to clean. Slipcovers, rugs, and curtains that can be thrown in the wash will save you a lot of stress when inevitable spills happen. I’ve chosen a washable slipcover for our sofa, so I can easily clean it whenever spills or stains occur.

Invest in Durable Surfaces: Choose countertops, flooring, and furniture finishes that can withstand the wear and tear of family life. Materials like quartz, laminate, and engineered hardwood are stylish yet resilient. Our kitchen countertops are made of quartz because it’s durable and easy to clean, which is perfect for our busy family life.

Involve the Kids: Getting your kids involved in maintaining the home not only lightens your load but also teaches them valuable life skills. Plus, it can be a fun bonding experience! My kids have simple chores like making their beds and putting their dishes in the dishwasher, which helps them learn responsibility and contributes to keeping our home tidy.

Keep a Sense of Humor: Remember, at the end of the day, it’s about creating a home filled with love and laughter. So when things get messy, take a deep breath, smile, and know that you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime. When my toddler accidentally drew on the wall, instead of getting upset, we turned it into a funny story that we now laugh about.

Set Up Cleaning Stations: Keep cleaning supplies handy in different areas of the house. This makes it easier to tackle messes as soon as they happen, keeping your home looking fresh. I have a small cleaning caddy in each bathroom and the kitchen, so I can quickly clean up any spills or messes without having to run around looking for supplies.

Personal Touches: Infuse your home with personal touches, like family photos or your children’s artwork, to make it feel truly yours. It’s about blending design with the personal stories that make your family unique. We’ve created a gallery wall in the hallway with framed artwork created by the kids. It’s a beautiful way to showcase their creativity and adds a personal touch to our home.

So there you have it, my dear friends! With these hacks, you can create a home that’s both stylish and family friendly. Embrace the chaos, celebrate the mess, and remember that the most beautiful homes are the ones filled with joy and love.

Do you have your own tips or stories to share? I’d love to hear from you! Let’s keep the conversation going and continue to inspire each other in this beautiful journey of motherhood and homemaking.

Here’s to homes that are as vibrant and full of life as we are!


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