Make Your Small Kitchen Functional And Stylish With These Simple Hacks

For all the busy moms out there, having a small kitchen can be a nightmare. Along with its fair share of challenges, it leaves no room to catch a break – both literally and figuratively. Where else will you hide to hyperventilate in the midst of spilled spaghetti and thrown-up broccolis?

Trust me, you are not alone, we’ve all been there! But you will be pleased to know that there are many ways in which you can add style and functionality to your kitchen and utilize the available space without breaking the bank.

Here are some of our best tips to help all the beautiful moms who are struggling with a compact kitchen space.

Utilize the wall space

Walls have potential – ask the lizards, and then get rid of them to make space for your uber-stylish hooks and shelves. That’s right, wall-mounted kitchen organizers are amazing. They open up a whole new dimension of storage space. From hanging pots and pans to kitchen tools, everyday use utensils, and baking dishes, it all goes up the wall!

Another great idea is to have a kitchen cart on the wall. It frees up a lot of counter space which can double up as a working station.

How about a kitchen island?

Perhaps a kitchen island seems space-consuming at first, but if you have enough room to install one, it will add immense functionality to the kitchen. It’s a great item to have for the family. Simply add a few chairs or stools around it and everyone can have breakfast on the go. You’ll have much more counter space, seating, and even storage!

We love how the kitchen island can in fact bring a family together in the simplest of ways. Impromptu dinners with loved ones are all the more fun when you have a great place to gather together and also sneakily get extra help with the meal prep and dishes.

Storage is all about creativity!

It can be quite overwhelming to have an overstuffed compact kitchen. It takes away the fun out of cooking and keeps your mind cluttered the entire time you are working there. But when it comes to storage, there’s a wiggle room there to show your creativity and enjoy while you are at it.

Utilize the corner cabinets, use over-the-door organizers, get the stackable shelves, and see how quickly the kitchen declutters. Already installed cupboards and cabinets can also be enhanced with features like extra hooks, organizers and dividers, compartments, and labels.

An illusion of space is just as good

Still feeling a bit cluttered? Why not trick your mind into thinking the kitchen is bigger? It doesn’t require much effort from your end. Simply allow more natural light to enter, and keep the blinds open and windows clean. If possible, colour the walls and windowsill white and use a mirror to reflect light. All of this helps in making the space breezy and bright – just like your personality!

It sounds simple but these tips really work wonders in making a small kitchen beautiful and functional. So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and take us along! At Mondän & Co, we are passionate about home interiors and excited to bring you a wide range of packages to fit your needs. If you are struggling to create a beautiful home, our virtual design services will lift you up and help you design a home you love.


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