Easy Solutions To Revamp My Airbnb To Delight My Guests

Whether you’re a seasoned host or about to take the plunge into sharing your home using Airbnb for the first time, you’ll no doubt be aware that your customers are likely to be discerning lot! Airbnb has come a long way from its inception as a site for travelers with few other options but to camp out on an air mattress on someone’s floor! It’s now the world’s most popular accommodation website and is used by everyone from backpackers to people seeking a luxury home away from home.

Although international travel may have changed for some time, the experts predict far more travelers will be seeking out luxurious home stay experiences within their own countries so there’s no better time to revamp your air B&B offering. And the best way to ensure that you get plenty of lodgers is to delight your Airbnb guests with elegant, comfortable spaces.

You may be wondering where to begin or you might just need to make some tweaks to freshen up your current Airbnb space, either way, the best place to start is using Mondän’s quick and easy one page brief Click here now to go straight to it.

But if you’re rearing to go, paint brushes at the ready and are after some quick styling and organization tips, then hang tight and we’ll share some of our wisdom with you!

Let’s take a look at what’s required in any great Airbnb. Many people choose Airbnb over hotels so they can relax in a comfortable home environment after spending their day running around the city or exploring everything your local area has to offer. They’re after spotless modern bathrooms, comfy sofas to relax on and a kitchen with everything they need to make basic meals. They like clean, uncluttered areas, so finding storage solutions that hide away any unattractive, but necessary items such as hairdryers, vacuum cleaner and/or extra linen is crucial. If there’s no space or budget for built-in units, there are some great cabinets on the market that can hide everything away but still look stylish. In fact, choose the right one and it can be a feature instead of an eyesore!

In styling these homes, we often recommend keeping wall colours neutral with perhaps one feature wall or a beautiful piece art. You can add texture and design features through accessories such as comfy cushions and throws. When choosing furniture, make sure it’s good quality and will withstand many years of use. Leather or patterned upholstery is best to stay looking good over a long period of time.

Having personal touches such as decorative pieces picked up from overseas are welcomed but clutter is not. Remove anything that doesn’t look beautiful or have a valuable function. Although real plants are always best, if you can’t be sure they’ll thrive in your home, then chose some realistic looking fake plants. They will be worth the investment.It’s essential that your home photographs well as most to Airbnb guests choose their next stay based on what they see in your photos as well as guest reviews.

Mondän has helped many of our clients become AirbnbSuperhostsby suggesting easy and affordable changes. We can also help youto impress your Airbnb guests enough that they’ll write you fabulous reviews and keep coming back again and again. So to get you ranking at the very top, hop onto theMondän brief and let’s get started!


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