Quick Room Makeover For Maximum Impact

With the popularity in interior design shows on TV it’s not surprising that many people are inspired to take interior design into their own hands and get busy with some DIY.But let’s face it, TV is all about making things look terribly easy and many people come unstuck when they try using the same design or organization techniques at home.

Why you may ask? Well TV shows don’t really reflect reality do they? Not only are there a team of people sourcing products, creating design plans, working out the budget etc., etc.,we must also remember that many of the accoutrements of our daily lives seem to miraculously disappear on these shows. And the truth is we all have an awful lot more ‘stuff’ in our homes.

So if you want to design a space where you have to incorporate your kids toys, hubby’s sports equipment, your office space and a guest bedroom all in one room, it becomes quite a bit trickier than it looks on the television!

And that’s where Mondän comes in. As online interior designers and organizers, we can implement practical but stylish solutions for every room in your home.

Let’s take the office space for example. In many homes, the office space is multi-functional and can end up being a place where stuff just ‘ends up’! So storage is not only essential, it should be fundamental to your overall design. Investing in good quality wall cabinets is a great idea. You can use open shelves for the items you use regularly and to display beautiful personal objects, and you can hide all of the clutter away.

Having multi-functional furniture is also a great idea. Choose a sofa or loveseat than can double as a spare bed when guests come to stay. Selecting the right type of desk can make a huge difference. In a smaller space, finding a desk that can incorporate storage or be easily moved is a bonus. There are some trestle-style desks that can be dismantled and stored away easily if needs be. A comfortable office chair is a definite bonus, especially if you spend a lot of time working from home. Choosing one with wheels will make even the larger chairs easy to move if you need the space for something or someone else.

Traditionally many office spaces were dark with wood paneling and looked quite masculine. Although that still looks great in the right house, we now have many modern alternatives to that style. Keeping walls neutral and lightly coloured will make the space feel brighter and more expansive. Lighting is vital in your home office. Having good overhead lighting is great, but it’s also wonderful to incorporate a desk lamp and a little reading nook with additional lighting if your space allows.

Then use some of your beautiful personal items to add character to the space. Antique books purchased at a market will look striking in a traditional or a modern room. Add some comfy textured throws, a few lush plants and your quick room makeover will wow your guests next time they visit!

If this sounds great but you’re still not convinced you have the time or energy to make it work in your home, do not panic. We can help! Head on over to the Mondän brief page now and tell us a little more about the room you want to makeover and we’ll get cracking. We can turn over fully developed design plans to you, with shopping lists and everything you’ll need to implement them easily, within just two weeks.

So let’s make a start and we’ll have this room looking amazing before you know it.


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